• June 12, 2019 at 6:36 am


    Pay tribute to aviation: HM4 Thunderbolt luxury watch

    There is a saying: watches for men, as important as women’s shoes. This edition introduces the MB&F brand, which is known as the Picasso of the watch industry, and produces a special watch inspired by American fighters.

    As a new and epoch-making replica luxury watch, Maximilian Büsser’s Horological Machine No4 (HM4) Thunderbolt, made of titanium and sapphire crystal, is the product of the author’s tribute to aviation, so its timekeeping function is just extra “welfare”.

    Looking back at the performance of the Horological Machine series in recent years, their radical avant-garde style, spending 3 years of research and development, and more than 200 hours of making and polishing a watch undoubtedly show how excellent the watch is.

    This automatic mechanical watch has a total of 311 components. The two main barrels are horizontally driven to drive two vertical gear trains, which transmit power to the two compartments that display time and power storage. Up to the adjuster down to the screw are designed for this movement.

    As one of several high-end watch designers who gathered to make this watch, Büsser spoke highly of the watch. He said that he designed this watch just for himself. This is his “selfish creation”, reflecting His own taste and yearning.

    Although not a limited edition, the HM4 Thunderbolt is only produced in small quantities.